Getting Surgical Revision after Failed Hip Replacement Surgery

There are times when a lower-back pain is nothing more than a result of a bad sitting posture; however, there are also cases where it’s already an indication of a failed previous hip replacement surgery. A painful sensation in your hip especially if you’re working in a bustling area like New York could be so upsetting. If you’re becoming intolerant of your lower-back pain even after a previous surgery, you might be a candidate for revision hip replacement in New York.

revision hip replacement in New York

Why see an orthopedic surgeon?

An orthopedic surgeon views the human body as a device whereby each and every part must remain in a good shape so that for an individual to be in action efficiently.

They achieved a credible understanding and skill in determining the origin of muscular tissue, knee pain, hip bone, and treating defective musculoskeletal systems. Hence, they are more than qualified to oversee the process of your healing from the consultation up to the healing process after the surgery (if you pass as a candidate for surgery.)

Just before the surgical operation is encouraged, physicians will run a variety of assessments to identify the severity of your problem. For others, it could be found that their condition doesn’t require surgical treatment instantly.

The indicators you showed or the outcomes of your exam will also reflect on the orthopedic surgeon’s procedure methods; in addition, the possible adverse effects that you will encounter at the time of and shortly after the surgical operation will at the same time be taken into account.

Why should you undergo a revision hip replacement in New York?

For those clients who already went through a previous hip replacement surgery, they may get validated for revision if they are experiencing complications related to their previous hip replacement surgery.

A revision may be suggested by your orthopedic surgeon if you’re experiencing the following:

  1. Plastic (polyethylene) wear – When the plastic from the previous surgery wears, an orthopedic surgeon can easily revise by replacing the plastic
  2. Infection – Causes fever and uncomfortable pain
  3. Dislocation of the hip – A hip joint needs to be revised when it seems to be skewing drastically.
  4. Loosening of femoral or acetabular component – A painful sensation or asymptomatic. A loosened femoral or acetabular component tricky because it might not show any symptoms of required revision.
  5. Osteolysis – Particles released into the hip joint damages the bones, hence a revision is needed to repair the destroyed parts
  6. Agonizing pain and irritation from hardware cables or wires causing irritation

Most of the symptoms are linked to a dire need for revision hip replacement in New York. If all of or a portion of the effects mentioned above pertain to you, then you have to pay a visit to an orthopedic clinic immediately for the indications to be assessed.


When a previous robotic hip replacement in NY causes afflictions to your system, don’t wait to connect yourself with the best orthopedic physician for a revision of your joint replacement in New York. Meanwhile, if you’re in dire requirement of a robotic knee surgery in NY, you may also contact Dr. Narkul Karkare or visit